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Nh – Nihilz – SUBL002 – 12″


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  1. SUBL002_A1 1:31
  2. SUBL002_A2 1:30
  3. SUBL002_B1 1:31
  4. SUBL002_B2 1:30

The following release on Sublunar Records is a debut EP from a young emerging talent: The Berlin based producer Nh.
“Nihil” is a selection of four heterogeneous tracks in terms of intensity and mood, each one being singular for different reasons but yet coherent by the round-around-the-edges production style, they have been executed in as well as their creator s personal imagery and unorthodox approach to the techno genre.
Warmth and empathy first appear as the driving forces behind Noro , until they vanish and let place to insanity and darkness, present and growing throughout Lothar . On the flip side the eponymous track shows a rave-like up-tempo beat being outweighed by the melancholy of its melodic elements. Finally, in Crimson , a quiet and unstoppable force push us out of the abyss until we reach the initial point again.


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