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Minimum Syndicat – Zenosyne EP – TRIPALIUMRAVESERIES – 12″



  1. A1 - Seasaw 2:42
  2. A2 - Kenopsia 2:32
  3. B1 - Belgian UFO Wave 2:39
  4. B2 - Zenosyne 2:36

Minimum Syndicat on the Hard stence… Bringing here a Rave banging sound, with an opening tune dedicated to the old school and sounding very Drop Bass Network ! Second tracks still sounds very new York with a loud Things To Come feeling… massive ! B sides groes Belgium with a superb reprise of the classic sample from.. from… uhm… don’t remember from where:-/… Anj,d a very PCP bassline… Finally last track goes in an acid german 90’s style… sounds like a Mayday anthem !!! BIG bIG record… probably the most successfull release from Tripalium ! ENJOY !


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