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Matthias Puech – Threshold – LP – HR1



  1. Lament (Preview) Matthias Puech 1:00
  2. Make or Break (Preview) Matthias Puech 1:00
  3. The Moth Song (after Erstlaub, CURSED RELIC 01) (Preview) Matthias Puech 1:00
  4. Biome (Preview) Matthias Puech 1:00

Limited edition. 200 copies

Matthias Puech composes electronic music, designs musical instruments and exlores the nature of computing and mathematics in a single artistic gesture. His music, a collection of contemplative stills of imaginary landscapes, is in major part composed on modular synthesizers and features unique experimental devices that Matthias creates. These delicate sonic landscapes draw their inspiration from the physically of natural and animal sounds and form the beauty of mathematical concepts, being a research scientist by day.


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