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Matriarchy Roots – Changing Habits – ST008 – 12″



  1. Breasts In Sight (Demand A Choice) Matriarchy Roots 1:30
  2. Lifestyle (After The Rise Comes The Fall) Matriarchy Roots 1:30
  3. Masculine Norms (The Many Faces Of Manhood) Matriarchy Roots 1:30
  4. Monogamy Rules (Not Belonging To Anyone) Matriarchy Roots 1:30
  5. More More More More (Courting Insanity) Matriarchy Roots 1:29
  6. Where Is Your Toughness Now (No Forgiveness) Matriarchy Roots 1:30

Available: 26.09.2019

After earlier appearances on the label, Dimitris Doukas, better known under his “Restive Plaggona” moniker, returns as his industrial oriented alias “Matriarchy Roots” on Strange Therapy. A highly engaging and confrontational project influenced by anti-patriarchy ideas and industrial music. “Changing Habits” will guide us among creepy atmospheres, sharp noises and destructive soundscapes made to question our way of thinking and our society’s structures.


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