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Majestoluxe – Secondary Sanctions – KESS013 – LP



01 PEP
02 Moorgrime
03 A Distinction Without A Difference
04 Had Had Had
05 Geosmin
06 Hedonic Treadmill
07 The Great Great Rift Rift
08 Indecisive Moments

Compositions and lyrics by Conny Fornbäck. Eurorack, LYRA-8, speech synthesis and vocals by Conny Fornbäck. Additional drums on Geosmin by Zeke.
Produced, recorded and mixed at Grappling Hook Studios, Stockholm, Sweden. Mastered by Rude 66.
Curation and executive production by Mika Hallbäck Vuorenpää. Artwork by Titta Kallio and Fredrik Möller.
Photograph: “Attentive gaze – Painful attention” (detail) by Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne de Boulogne.


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