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Magnétisme Animal – Les Bergers du Galetas – YGM008 – 12″



Dans cette nuit obscure du mensonge, la lune de la vérité n’est pas visible partout
Être c’est être coincé
L’Enthousiasme des statues
La Toute-Toute

Independent record label YGAM presents Les Bergers du Galetas, Magnétisme Animal’s debut EP, in which they share their intimate view of society.

Formed by brg and Catartsis, the French duo invites the listeners to dive into a journey through the density of the modern metropolis. In a time of materialistic fetishism, where superficial occurrences and capitalism rule, the 4-track EP acts in opposition to these current matters. However, rather than trying to create a contrasting sonic landscape, Magnétisme Animal use sounds recorded in their environment to elaborate pieces that bear the heavy and frenetic industrial atmosphere of our urban sceneries. All sorts of clanging metal, steam discharge, electromagnetic static noise, train rails frictions, sirens and distant traffic, are combined with breathing, footsteps and vocal humming to create an oddly industrial as much as organic soundscape. The EP starts with a noise track that recalls some of the compositional processes of musique concrète, to then slowly drifts towards rhythmically oriented pieces. Être c’est être coincé, with its ponderous bass and distortion work, appears as a peculiar blending of noise and techno, while L’Enthousiasme des statues displays a more traditional and dance floor approach to rhythm and drums, but still leaves space for an uncanny sound decor to unfold. The project ends with La Toute-Toute, a repetitive ambient track filled with subtle sounds, where one can wander as spoken words underline a sense of melancholy. Les Bergers du Galetas is an unsettling industrial tapestry, a strange study of noises, that depicts the contemporary frenzy of the artists’ environments they referred to as the urban jungle. A landscape where one is a witness of the disparity of human conditions, where mind and body coexist with difficulty, where one is subject to conformism, where one is lost in the smog while carried by the masses through the cemented maze.

Magnétisme Animal’s debut EP will be released as a limited edition of 300 copies, with PRoche’s ink works on both sides of the sleeves and the labels.


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