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Mace. – “Splendore Finanziario” – 12″ – VV002


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  1. vv002-a1 VV002 A1 (MC Eq1) 44_24 1:00
  2. vv002-a2 VV002 A2 (MC Eq1) 44_24 1:00
  3. vv002-b VV002 B (MC Eq1) 44_24 1:00

Veleno Viola is proud to present the 2nd release by italian artist Mace.

As economic complexity is boosting the financial industry, constantly increasing the demand for financial services, human perception of value changes and so do our reactions and our feelings. I asked myself whether nowadays we are witnessing a financialization of emotions.

Splendore Finanziario wants to reflect on the correlation between human nature and the financial system, considering the intensity and the way in which they’re changing and giving a sonourous vision of their future developments

Pink vinyl jacked in gloss printed sleeve.


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