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Kiss The Floor / Karl And The Kurbcrawlers – This Desire/Same Day – DEATH004 – 7″ inch



  1. m1.THIS DESIRE 1:00
  2. m2. SAME DAY(AGAIN) 1:00

RELEASE DATE: 26th 06 2017…

Death & Leisure is sick with excitement to present Kiss The Floor 7” , a collaboration between Karl O’Connor and Veronica Vasicka ! A fizzing slow motion synth wave track with echoes of Suicide, it features captivating vocals from Veronica.

The record is a double A side also featuring Karl and The Kurbcrawlers, a stripped down repetitive punk track for yobs and glue sniffers.

Written And Produced by the Awesome KARL O’CONNOR/Regis and Veronica Vasicka!!



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