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  1. A1_kareem_zh030_HINRICH 1:30
  2. A2_kareem_zh030_RATTLEDISCO 1:31
  3. B1_kareem_zh030_LETMEFLYAWAYFROMYOU 1:30
  4. B2_kareem-zh030_BEJONDTHE4thALLIGNMENT 1:30

Available 03 09 2018

For 22 years now Zhark Recordings Berlin has been operating relentlessly on an alternative technoid vision. The keystone of this vision is an approach of full artistic autonomy in full front against the demons of the momentariness, reproduction and stagnation, which were ever present in these past 20 years. This endeavor intensified over the years leading to numerous releases on all types of medium. With the vinyl catalogue number 30 the big K is setting out ONE more TIME to settle the score presenting yet another wrenching collection of DANCE Variations.

The Haunting chains of a demoralized sorcerer in HINRICH, the shattering congas of a sinister entity in RATTLE DISCO, the euphoric bawling of a merciless god in LET ME FLY AWAY FROM YOU, the alternating motives of growing tension, clarity and unavoidable obscuration in the UNDERNEATH the 4th Alignment. All these motives are entangled in layers of a fierce percussive bombardment.


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