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Kalter Ende & Sarf RSOM002 – 12″



Kalter Ende & Sarf – 00005
Kalter Ende & Sarf – 00006
Kalter Ende & Sarf – 00007
Kalter Ende & Sarf – 00007 (30drop Rave Remix)

232Reach is a label run by Kalter Ende & Sarf where they will edit their own music.

In this record in addition to the originals of Kalter Ende & Sarf we can find a powerful remix by 30drop, that makes its own one of the tracks with a typical sound of the Rave 90’s.

__ 30drop: I had a great time doing this remix. The clubs of the 90s were my school. The rave and hardcore UK sound were one of the protagonists of my adolescence; as well as legendary DJ sets of artists like Aphex Twin who used to play these styles taking them to the extreme. So it’s a remix done for fun and I have to admit that a bit nostalgic.

​Four tracks ranging from the strength that characterizes this artists to more mental and atmospheric sounds that propose an Ep full of nuances and details.


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