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Jamaica Suk – WHISPERS EP – GRA002 – 12″



GRA 002_a1_Jamaica Suk – Stinger Ray
GRA 002_a2_Jamaica Suk – Fallen
GRA 002_b1_Jamaica Suk – Whispers
GRA 002_b2_Jamaica Suk – Twilight Rain

With recent appearances on Boiler Room and the Groove Magazine Podcast plus sets across Asia and Europe, Jamaica Suk’s fearsome techno sounds are winning fans far and wide. A year on from her debut release on her own Gradient label comes this stunning second volume.

A1 Stinger Ray kicks off the EP with zingy modular-style synth sounds pulsing over a bubbling, murky bassline. Sheet metal snares punctuate the beat, with a switch-up halfway through into gnarled, distorted synth crunches catching you unaware. These brutalised rhythms morph in and out of hypnotic arpeggiated pulses to make for a hallucinatory ride with ample dashes of psychedelia throughout.

A2 Fallen sets it outs stall immediately, with filtered down acidic bass playing out a jagged groove. A manic counterpart mimics its rhythm but dizzyingly delayed off the beat to create a rugged, funk-fuelled feel. Cymbal rides pitch up and down; unidentified snarls of FX mutate around the edges; all the while the sharp hi-hats keep the metronomic heartbeat going.

B1 Whispers ups the intensity. Delicate, arpeggiated chime sounds set a crystalline mood before swathes of intense, darkly- tinged synths swell in and out of focus atop the throbbing kick drums. The effect is that of a factory full of machines growing a mind of their own, malfunctioning in a pleasing harmonic dissonance.

B2 Twilight Rain (Vinyl only) completes the set with infectious triple kick drum patterns underpinning dramatic drum hits and warped atmospheric shivers that create a spooky feel as droning bass tones carve a path through your speakers.


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