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Jamaica Suk – Spektrum e.p – FIIF002 – 12″


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  1. A1. FIIF-002_Jamaica-Suk_Spektrum Jamaica Suk 1:30
  2. A2. FIIF-002_Jamaica-Suk_Lost-Antics Jamaica Suk 1:30
  3. B1. FIIF-002_Jamaica-Suk_Indigo-Atlas Jamaica Suk 1:30
  4. B2. FIIF-002_Jamaica-Suk_Visualize Jamaica Suk 1:30

Following the success of Deepchild’s Haitian Rum Runner, Face To Face Recordings returns with a strong follow up. Tim Xavier’s newest imprint looks to cross the boundaries between House and Techno, this time featuring Jamaica Suk with her Spektrum EP. Stepping into harder Techno territory the up and coming artist brings a solid 4-track EP with style and flair like none other.
Born and raised in California, Jamaica Suk has always been surrounded by music playing many instruments as a child. In her teenage years she began to play bass guitar in many Math Rock and Shoegaze bands. After becoming frustrated with the conflicting ideas of band members she would eventually find a new love in electronic music.
After enrolling in audio engineering school in San Francisco, she quickly became a known force within San Francisco’s electronic music scene. Once she completed her audio engineering studies she decided she wanted more. Traveling around the world following her Techno dreams, she would eventually find her new home in Berlin where she has built her own fully functioning production studio at Salon Wilde Renate.
Jamaica makes her vinyl debut on Face To Face, following her Embers EP on Coal Recordings. Her sound can be described as sexy and sophisticated contemporary Techno but still packing a punch that puts it perfectly in line for prime time sets. The 4-track EP with a bonus digital only track explores all her ideas as a musician and artist including taking inspiration from her rock roots with gritty raw elements.
Already highly respected amongst her professional peers as a tour de force of creative energy and drive. There is nothing this woman can’t do, as all her work is produced and mixed solely by herself. She continues to push the boundaries of Techno music while staying true to herself as an artist and it’s through this determination we’re sure to see more from Jamaica as she continues to evolve.


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