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Iron Sight – To You Who Broke My Heart – IOD031 – 12″



  1. Thornless Iron Sight 1:30
  2. Rosemary Iron Sight 1:30
  3. Yellow Tulips Iron Sight 1:30
  4. White Clover Iron Sight 1:30
  5. Marigold Iron Sight 1:30
  6. Wormwood Iron Sight 1:30
Iron Sight’s music crosses territory between dystopian sci-fi futurism and biblical eschatology, perhaps the same event, the end of the Uroburos’ tail; mechanical percussion hits anchor drones that evoke Albrecht Durer’s vision of The Four Horsemen, bristling synths audibly resemble locust drones descending upon rotting fields, a voice made from barbed wire emerges from a storm of reverb.

This record, as the title suggests focuses on the trauma of a broken heart, bodies longed for are dissected and reconstructed, the minimal composition of the tracks allows cinematic spaces to unfold, constructing the scaffolding for a descent into obsession, mania and the annihilation of memory.


All music written and mixed by Isak Hansen.
Mastering by Jesper Bagger Hviid.


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