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Ireen Amnes – In The Land Of Silence – SGXLP002 – LP



SGXLP02_Ireen Amnes_01_A Day More Is A Day Less
SGXLP02_Ireen Amnes_02_My Mind Is Broken
SGXLP02_Ireen Amnes_03_It Was Nice Seeing You
SGXLP02_Ireen Amnes_04_Life Will Tear Us Apart
SGXLP02_Ireen Amnes_05_Dissonance
SGXLP02_Ireen Amnes_06_Frozen Waters
SGXLP02_Ireen Amnes_07_Snow Of Tears
SGXLP02_Ireen Amnes_08_Rewind

Available 15.06.2020

In The Land of Silence is the first full length album by experimental artist Ireen Amnes. The founder of the London based collective Under My Feet. debuts on Sonic Groove with an immaterial journey contemplating suffering, liberation, the importance of affection and unity. This ambient album reveals a hidden connection between these human emotions. From anger and rejection, to love and unity, the sounds explored by the artist represent a recent journey within. Recollections of distant memories are expressed with nostalgic sounds; by contrast, darker tracks are symbolic of those moments when it is more dif ficult to accept reality for what it is. Ireen expresses in this album that there wouldn’t be any joy without suffering.

Sounds created out of emotions that cannot be spoken. Beats that pulse out of gestures that can no longer be performed. Tones that screech out of bodies that can no longer be human. Echoes of all unspoken words reverb into the wounds of time; that constant ebb and flow of existence; that relentless stomping of exchanges. The slur of life is now noise – she collects its torn pieces with her bare hands and holds them close to her pounding flesh. She now sways in and out of consciousness, transported by nothing but his will to life, his ecstatic memory, his murmured love that now forms this soundtrack to her life.


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