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Healing Force Project/Massimo Carozzi – Random Numbers Split Series Vol. 4 – RN010 – CASSETTE



  1. RN010 side A 1:00
  2. RN010 side B 1:00

Volume number four of Random Numbers Split Series is released. A cross section of the best Italian experimental artists, released in 5 volumes. Each artist has been given the space of a single side C50 cassette, in which they could express their music freely, without compromise. Volume 2 is entrusted to Healing Force Project and Massimo Carozzi. This volume is dedicated to complex textures and mental voyages, soundscapes and rhythmic illusions. Healing Force Project describes his work whit this words: “This session is my own and personal view of a hypothetical live that i would propose. Made for the “Embrace” series on Sequencias (Label from Brooklyn), my goal was to start from an industrial groove with a sharp and rough step at the same time. During the listening, the primary elements gradually fade away, giving way to jazzy and broken rhythms structures. Many samples, especially sax and trumpet, create sick textures and an apparent state of perpetual mental trip. “ Massimo Carozzi’s side consists of seventeen sound miniatures composed and assembled from recordings made between 2010 and 2016 in various parts of Europe using a small portable modular system and a digital recorder. Credits: Mastered by Francesco Brini at Spectrum Mastering & Vinyl Artwork by Emanuele Luppino C+P 2017 Random Numbers


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