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group A – anOther – MNQ126 – LP



A1. Channel Surfing I.mp3
A2. Under The Floor
A3. Entity
A4. Inhuman Ecstacy
B1. Channel Surfing II
B2. Please Centre | Ready To Ingest
B3. Almost, Almost
B4. Possession

Avaialbel 22.05.2020

Japanese industrial / avant-garde synth duo group A partner with choreographer/performer Dana Gingras and Montréal media artist Sonya Stefan as well as Finnish lighting designer Mikko Hynninen for ‘anOther’, the multimedia project developed and premiered at Agora de la danse, Montréal, April 2018.

Inspired by the infamous subway scene from Andrzej Zulawski’s “Possession”, the performance is breathing through a set of televisions, sounds, lights and images converging to create an exhilarating event placing a living, breathing and transmuting body at the heart of the experience.

“A hybrid of art installation and electroacoustic performance, anOther transports us into a post-feminine fourth dimension, whose atmosphere is as enticing as it is paradoxically unsettling. This jewel of experimental choreography will thrill visual art and underground music aficionados.” – Mélanie Carpentier, Le Devoir

Limited edition of 400 copies on solid red vinyl.


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