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Fugal – “Oil Panes” w/ Svreca Rmx – 12″ – SN001


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  1. a1-first-descent-ready-made-snippet 1:00
  2. a2-new-autonomy-ready-made-snippet 1:00
  3. a3-traces-ready-made-snippet 1:00
  4. b1-oil-panes-ready-made-snippet 1:00
  5. b2-oil-panes-svreca-remix-ready-made-snippet 1:00

After three years of organizing parties and bringing world-class artists to Seattle, secondnature is proud to announce its new label with the release of Fugal’s Oil Panes EP.

The debut release from the Berlin-based secondnature resident features four original tracks of ambitious, experimental techno along with a remix by Semantica Records founder Svreca.

Oil Panes marks Fugal’s unique approach to techno that challenges preconceived notions of convention, structure, and temporality. The tracks collectively construct a cohesive narrative that evokes a mental headspace of its very own.


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