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Franz Rosati – NULLTELEKHEIA EP – HTN003 – 12″


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  1. HTN003_FranzRosati_A01_Continua_Imperfect_ 1:30
  2. HTN003_FranzRosati_A02_Protective Layers_ 1:30
  3. HTN003_FranzRosati_B01_XamyDisu_ 1:30
  4. HTN003_FranzRosati_B02_MercurialDevice_ 1:30
  5. HTN003_FranzRosati_B03_ChaseMeAstral_ 1:30

Available: 12.06.2018

Gaining traction, gaining speed, the primaeval ritual reaches its boiling point, melting the borders of mind and flesh: a turgid vortex of unstable potential, constantly mutating and morphing itself. Unformed and unstructured morphogenetic flows of matter-energy-information, self-organizing processes constituting a veritable non-organic life: the Body without Organs, that glacial reality where the alluvions, sedimentations, coagulations, foldings, and recoilings that compose an organism occur, a motherly womb detonating hydrogen bombs in her prefrontal cervix, atomizing the doors of perception with sheer gargantuan sonic tremor.

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