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Flexure – Orbit – SR006 – 12″



  1. flexure computers 1:30
  2. flexure opiod 1:30
  3. flexure orbit 1:30

Available 07.05.2018

Flexure is a collaboration between Jamie Behan & Stephen Mahoney. Both have been DJing since the mid-’90s, but ​Flexure​ is a relatively new hardware-based project that sounds like a mashup of techno, acid, electro and Chicago house. In Orbit is ​Flexure​’s second EP, a collection of unhinged machine bangers.

Orbit is the A side, a smash of a stomper, massive claps and a wild hook with vocals swirling claiming Orbit as a peak time destroyer.
B side contains Computers, a floor filler with a massive acid hook, total dancefloor killer. Next is Opioid a deep growler mof a track that is sure to find its’ way into a multitude of sets.


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