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EVOD – Terra Di Nessuno – EVODLP00 – LP



  1. a1. Evod - Zona Ovest (Saetta-Rizzo) 1:40
  2. a2. Evod - 0 Gradi (Bolognini) 1:40
  3. a3. Evod - Valle 1:40
  4. a4. Evod - Tribù Caudine (Saetta-Bolognini) 1:40
  5. b1. Evod - Zona Est (Saetta-Rizzo) 1:41
  6. b2. Evod - Tre Santi (Saetta-Bolognini) 1:40
  7. b3. Evod - Luogo di Transito 1:41
  8. b4. Evod - Terra di Nessuno 1:40
  9. b5. Evod - La Berlino Del Sud (Bolognini) 1:31

Available 17.06.2019

Terra di nessuno is ispired by Tufara Valle, birthplace of Alessandro. It is a small country of south Italy, divided between East and West, across five countries and two provinces. for this reason, since sixties, it has nicknamed ‘ The Berlin of South. The author dedicated an entire album to his unknown place, his streach of road, together with three musicians coming from different musical cultures. Techno, Jazz, House, ambient and improvisation are fused together in homage to a no-man’s-land.


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