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EMPIRE STATE – B.R.U – VEYL005 – 12″



  1. Blow 0:57
  2. Cuntworms 0:56
  3. Crush them All 0:57
  4. Tight 0:57
  5. Sunshine makes it worse 0:57
  6. Blow (Version) 0:57

Tracklist: A1 – Blow A2 – Cuntworms A3 – Crush Them ALL B1 – Tight B2 – Sunshine Makes It Worse B3 – Blow (Version) Release Info French trio Empire State bring their sophomore release to Veyl in the form of ‘B.R.U.’, a scorching hot noholds- barred 6-tracker full of kicks to the face, fermented lyrics and monumental riffs. Post-punk, postindustrial, post-apocalyptic and post-everything else, if tracks like ‘Cuntworms’ and ‘Blow’ don’t get you hyped we don’t know what will. For fans of Suicide, Powell, Giant Swan.


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