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Dustmite – Warpath – SPRVD006 – 12″



  1. SPRVD006 - A1 - Warpath Dustmite 1:30
  2. SPRVD006 - A2 - Weaving Dustmite 1:30
  3. SPRVD006 - B1 - Flares Dustmite 1:30
  4. SPRVD006 - B2 - Caustics Dustmite 1:30

Available 16.09.2019

Techno workhorse Dustmite demonstrates once again why he’s appreciated for his uniquely deep and diverse production styles. “Warpath”, the 6th release on Supervoid Records, is a palette of contrasting elements that are sure to strike a notable chord in listeners’ minds.
The titular track opens with determination. Heavy kicks drive a syncopated rhythm as momentous explosions decompress into oily murk. The polyrhythmic synth stabs of “Weaving” evoke imagery of complex machinery calibrated in near- perfect synchronicity. The hard offbeat shuffle of “Flares” conjures a primal response with scattered dissociative flashes. A foreboding mood descends over the listener in “Caustics.” Increasing tension and a pensive ambience.


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