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DOLD – Selected Tracks – ASR015 – 12″



  1. A1 Unidentified Frequency Oscillator 1:14
  2. A2 Velocity (Apollo 11) 1:43
  3. A3 Misogynist Comments in Cyberspace 1:43
  4. A4 Operating (Locked Groove) 0:44
  5. B1 Shifting 93 0:44
  6. B2 Critical Moment 1:43
  7. B3 Intended Destination 1:43
  8. B4 Sonatin 1:14

The 15th release from Arsenik is a mini album by Dold. It consists of selected tracks made in a 2 year period that for various reasons never got released. Time and space is a common theme amongst techno producers. Is and always has been. Maybe there is a connection between the exploration of abstract sounds and the mystery concerning time and space. That which cannot be explained can only be understood through experience.

This release contains 8 techno and ambient to electro-leaning tracks and will be his first and last journey to space.


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