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  1. Horizon Dold 1:30
  2. Express Route Dold 1:30
  3. Memories Dold 1:30
  4. Colliding Worlds Dold 1:30

Available 19.11.2018

“Dold arrives on Blue Hour Music

The Swedish producer, real name Patrik Eriksson, will debut on Luke Standing’s Blue Hour Music outlet in mid October this year – the first new artist to be invited onto the growing platform. In recent years, Standing has carefully expanded his label to include not only a vast catalogue of original music, but a high profile remix series – and more recently collaborative work as Tracing Xircles. Dold’s arrival marks the 11th release from the label, and the young Swedish talent – who runs his own imprint Arsenik alongside fellow producer Kuf, offers up a stunning collection of dance floor recordings that zero in perfectly on the label’s raison d’être. Express Route is the result of several weeks of close dialogue between artist & label – with the end product finalised alongside Standing in his Berlin studio. A captivating, Breakbeat driven exploration of retro-futuristic dance music, the recordings fit neatly into the label’s well defined aesthetic – paying homage to the rich lineage of pan-European dance music, whilst maintaining a sharp, contemporary edge. Opener Horizons sets the tone for the work, with emotive synth strings set amongst rolling sequences and high-energy drum programming, whilst Express Route is a perfect example of fast-forward loop Techno. Memories taps neatly into the producer’s penchant for Hardcore – riffing on vintage Rave stabs with a decidedly modern bent. Colliding Worlds ties up the EP, a glorious up-tempo nod to classic IDM & Electro. Mature and excellently produced, Dold’s arrival on Blue Hour Music marks a considerable step forward in the label’s development, a fine example of form & function that looks forward within the genre – whilst maintaining that particular approach to production that has bound the label’s discography so well thus far.”

A1 | Horizons 

A2 | Express Route 

B1 | Memories 

B2 | Colliding Worlds 


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