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DMT – Dissociō Modus Trāns – F//007 – 12″


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  1. A1 DMT 1:05
  2. A2 OriginDestination Preview 0:57
  3. B1 Bardo Thodol 1:03
  4. B2 Trans Dimensional 1:10

Available from the 27th November

Fleisch is thrilled to present the debut of Stockholm’s Dissociō Modus Trāns, aka DMT, featuring four cuts of some of the purest, unadulterated acid ever to hit the streets since Orange Sunshine. In the words of Terence McKenna himself, sampled in the opening title track, “DMT is the strongest hallucinogen there is…”, and DMT certainly hold true to their name as a pair of 303s weave a mind-altering journey through multiple dimensions of being. Driven and dirty techno beats form the rhythmic foundation while esoteric vocal samples lead the proceedings through the Tibetan Book of the Dead in “Origin/Destination” and “Bardo Thōdol”, and onward into the metaphysical mantra of “Trans Dimensional”.


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