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Dj Problemas // Overmann – Clairvoyance EP – TE006 – 12″



  1. A1.Dj Problemas - Garrincha 1:30
  2. A2.Dj Problemas - Caturra 1:30
  3. A3.Dj Problemas - Acima 1:30
  4. A4.Dj Problemas - Garrafa 1:30
  5. B1.Overmann - Holy Departure 1:30
  6. B2.Overmann - Info Dealer 1:30

Available: 07.10.2019 US Pressing.

After ‘A Noiva’ by Serpente, Tormenta Electrica continues to shed a light on portuguese off grid beat dwellers with this split EP between DJ Problemas and Overmann.

On the A side, Afonso Mota aka DJ Problemas offers four tracks of low key ceremonial vibes, three years after the release of ‘Fúria de Viver’ on Out of Order – with a couple of tracks either self released or appearing in comps for low income $quad or ENERGIE01 in between. The bass detonations of ‘Garrincha’ sustaining tension for jungle feverish percussion details, field recordings and chants to lurk hazily around the absolute elsewhere, opening the path for the stuttering kicks and cymbals as ritualistic phenomena on the hypnotic ‘Caturra’. ‘Acima’ caves in to mudled waters of filtered synth digressions before setting course on its off kilter shuffling beat and ‘Garrafa’ mirrors ‘Garrincha’ in its propulsive bass, ascending to a carnival like movement guided by an infectious swirling loop. Intricate patterns of rhythmic presence and suggestion. A ruminant “song cycle” where every stroke and pulse is imbued with meaning.

Taking inspiration once again from ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’, Lisbon based electronic wizard Carlos Nascimento (1/2 of Sabre) debuts his new solo alias Overmann after his meta-prog/kösmische synth excursions as Robert Foster with two relentless drum machine + bass synth driven workouts. Keeping things on their most essential foundations, Overmann’s take on the “hardware jam” never feels stilted, pedestrian or fetishistic, but throbing with life and nervous urgency in a shapeshifting flux of interlocking rhythms and radioactive basslines. ‘Holy Departure’ manages to be both capture & release simultaneously, riding on an acid frenzy of broken rhythms and disorientating toms. ‘Info Dealer’ jacks its way into the inner city under a haze of paranoia driven by incessant snares, half-time bass detonations, hypnotic claps and ghost bleeps. Dreamings of Detroit and Chicago. Only here. Wherever.


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