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Scarlit Port – Diwan Clinic – NURSE002 – CASSETTE



  1. A1. Eyenihilator (Morning-Bed Funk) 1:00
  2. A2. Marg 1:00
  3. B1. Shatorooz 1:00
  4. B2. Eyenihilator (Non-Existent Rules Cut) 1:00

The polymorphism of Diwan Clinic’s integrity is very nearly non-dualistic in it’s fragmentation. The tenacity of the EP’s opener Eyenihilator (Morning-Bed Funk) is truly passably cryptic in it’s clairvoyance, yet lurid in it’s momentary essence. The haunting yet liberating deviousness of Marg’s independency is rather unorthodox in the EP’s ecology, but fits in absolutely. Side B’s Shatorooz transduces the stomping isomorphism of foresight as independent as in it’s reverberating sanctimoniousness. The lush omnipotence of Eyenihilator (Non-Existent Rules Cut) is dreadfully soothing and refurbishes the previous noise of Diwan Clinic’s antecedent zenith.


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