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Deepak Sharma – Patala with Tadeo Remix – 042HR – 12″



  1. [042HR]_Patala (Tadeo Remix) 1:30
  2. [042HR]_PATALA 1:30
  3. [042HR]_PRITHVI 1:30
  4. [042HR]_SVARGA 1:30

Available: 17.06.2019

Side A begins with ‘Patala’ and frenetic synths influencing the mind through airy hypnotism, exhibiting subtlety in creating a dance-floor groove. Tadeo’s ambitious remix blossoms from the original adding new musical landscapes and marvelous sounds.

Side B starts with ‘Prithvi’ keeping you on edge between the underlying vocals scattered between a gripping baseline and off-kilter synth movements with timely off-beat drums that culminate into a dramatic show overall. ‘Svarga’ stretches out with twisting and curving synth lines and intensifies with an ebb and flow of eerie sound and spacious atmosphere.


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