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Dark Division – CMBR – HT003 – DB12″



  1. a1 Cold Spot 1:41
  2. a2 Wmap Holes 1:25
  3. b1 Anisotropy Of The Void 1:44
  4. b2 Anisotropy Of The Void (PRG_M Tritone Paradox_remix) 1:48
  5. c1 Isotropic Radiation 1:30
  6. c2 Isotropic Radiation (Matter Flyby Effect_remix) 1:34
  7. d1 Planck 1:32
  8. d2 Firas 1:52
Available 03.12.2018

One year after his debut, the label Hidden Tapes is proud and pleased to present CMBM “cosmic microwave background radiation” by Dark Division, a 2×12” inch gatefold in stores on 12 November: a techno experimental project that range from ambient dimensions to more dark and industrial techno. The release features 8 new tracks including 2 astonishing remixes.

In this new release Dark Division reaches a more abstract dimension with emerging cosmical and spacial feelings, swirling and deep sounds obtained with dark pads, disruptive deep basses, with ever present echoes and focused distortions: the entire projects sound pleasant and challenging.
It’s a small journey, lasting 8 tracks, that envision a unique point of view on the scientific theory about multi-universes. His primary and essential sounds blend with other rhythmic elements. The result are rich dynamics and a unique metric structure. It takes multiple listenings to discover a complex blend of sonic fluxes.

On each record there’s a remix: the first one features PRG-M, and the second features Matter. Both artists enhance Dark Division’s music making this double vinyl an extremely interesting release


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