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Crystal Geometry – Red Faith Militia – SG1887 – 12″



  1. Social Injustice (Original Mix) Crystal Geometry 1:30
  2. Coldest October (Original Mix) Crystal Geometry 1:30
  3. Appropriating The Means Of Production (Original Mix) Crystal Geometry 1:30
  4. Submission (Original Mix) Crystal Geometry 1:30

AVAILABLE: 10.12.2018

Sonic Groove Records is excited to announce a new artist addition to the label roster, Crystal Geometry hailing from Grenoble, France. Recording under different aliases in the French Hardcore/techno scene for over the past 20 years, producer Maxime Fabre is now honing his skills on creating a powerful hybrid of EBM/Industrial/Techno under his Crystal Geometry guise. His debut EP for Sonic Groove titled “Red Faith Militia” is a ferocious 4 song release conceptually centered on themes related to the former Eastern Bloc and the ruling Communist government. Created with analog modular systems all four songs are chock full of intricately woven patterns of syncopated bassline sequences, dark string pads and overtones, spoken and shouted vocal phrases layered on top of pounding industrial rhythms. This is the real deal EBM, that reminisces with the first wave of Belgian & German EBM but is squarely placed in the here and now with very contemporary sound design & production techniques. The crème de la crème in Future EBM is here!



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