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Coal – Coal EP – IOD040 – 12″



  1. Instruments Of Discipline - Coal - 01 Wwitch COAL 1:30
  2. Instruments Of Discipline - Coal - 02 Insect Human COAL 1:30
  3. Instruments Of Discipline - Coal - 03 Spiritual Execution COAL 1:30
  4. Instruments Of Discipline - Coal - 04 Nailed COAL 1:30
  5. Instruments Of Discipline - Coal - 05 Rest In Piss COAL 1:30

Available now.

Coal’s self-titled debut is a crushing rejection of the hive-mind colony of your scene, your values and your reality, not an escape, not a distraction, but a true-vision of the world in all its grotesque, hate-filled glory. Listeners will step away from this record as from a Coal show, cleansed, purged and altered.

After initial flirtations with the project being a ‘live electronic act’ proved unsatisfying, Anthony Arcana & Oliver Kohlenberg chose to morph the project into something unbound: hoarse-barked, one-line lyrics, mutant chainsaw guitar feedback and drums that sound like a nightmare, Kronenberg trash-compactor collide to form their own world. Coal’s sound is a blurred vision of influences, fusing elements of post-metal, hip-hop, black-metal, American hardcore, sludge, doom, jungle and trap into something that feels cathartic, potent, whole and unique.


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