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Casual Violence – “Anabiosis” – 12″ – ZHARK0026


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  1. zhark026-a-side-and-know-me ZHARK026 A Side And Know Me 1:00
  2. zhark026-b-side-anabiosis ZHARK026 B Side Anabiosis 1:00

We are proud to present a new addition to the ZHARK artist roster.
Sourced directly from his recent live performance in Leipzig at IFZ (alongside Zhark label head Kareem);
We have two sonorous cuts of deepest ritualistic electronics from the uncompromising Manchester based Artist, Casual Violence. Possibly his deepest released work to date which furthermore exemplifies his
outstanding musical versatility.

anabiosis (plural anabioses)
1. A state of suspend animation, especially during extreme conditions; the act of recovering from this state

Side A
A1 and_know_me
Side B
B1 anabiosis

all trax written and produced by Casual Vioence


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