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Bouchons d´Oreilles – “Faces” – Cassette – CZSZ004


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  1. Storyteller BOUCHONS D'OREILLES 1:21
  2. The Errant One BOUCHONS D'OREILLES 1:17
  4. Lament BOUCHONS D'OREILLES 2:00

After last years successful split with the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra, released by Astral Spirits and prior to launching their new album produced by Farbwechsel, we are excited to present Bouchons d’Oreilles in its essential, rough form.

The duo of Łukasz Kacperczyk and Mateusz Wysocki (aka Fischerle) give us four highly innovative pieces that mess with our brain and continue to push music boundaries. Side A delivers three short sonic fairy tales, ‘Lament’ on Side B is a group’s tour de force, which proves just how far you can go with the deconstruction of sound.

For fans of Jim O’Rourke’s “I’m happy and I’m singing, and 1,2,3”, Acid in the Style of Florian Hecker and Italo Calvino’s “Italian Folktales”.

Łukasz Kacperczyk – electronics
Mateusz Wysocki – modular synth, amplified objects, turntable

Pro-duplicated tape. Cover printed on Xerox Supergloss Paper.



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