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Blasted – Blasted001 – BV001 – 12″

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  2. A2_AIRY (GOTSHELL RMX) 1:30
  3. B1_XI (ORIGINAL MIX) 1:30

Available: 25.06.2018

Whether or not techno music is destructive and to what degree is fair concern to have, but

there’s no denying that it can call upon our primal instinct of surrendering to rhythms

together with everyone around the proverbial camp fire. Sure, the camps of today are the

clubs, and the fires are strobes, but that doesn’t change the essence of rituals that we

continue practicing.

The release stays close to 130 BPM and offers efficient tools for the dancefloor: Airy, for

one, represents a syncopated narrative of wonder and magical realism, whereas in the

hands of Gotshell it becomes less contemplative, shifting to a more direct perspective.

Backed by cascading kicks XI takes a dive into atonal realm, and KUJIN —the most brutal

number of EP—offers a densely packed treble range running above the hammering 3/3

kicks. With Hydra, it’s a trip laden with wondrous soundscapes, shamanic percussion and

sensations of unexplored grounds emanating from the bassline, after which the closer

Trioptic provides a rebellious theme fitting for times of unrest and resistance.