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Black Swords – The Future Of The Sun – NTK009 – 12″



  1. A1 Black Swords - The Arc Light Murders [Noiztank009] 1:00
  2. B1 Black Swords - Death By Wire [Noiztank009] 1:00

“In this apparatus all limitations as to electric force and the quantity of electricity transmitted have been removed” – Nikola Tesla

Moving around a particularly powerful blend of noise, technoid rhythms, synths and sparse vocals that is always kept in a state of high tension, “The Future Of The Sun” presents two pieces that project the listener into a frenetic urban journey. Black Swords is the result of a spellbinding collision between Black Rain (Stuart Argabright) and Brussels-based industrial enfant-terribles Orphan Swords (Yannick Franck & Pierre de Mûelenaere).


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