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Bead is the most recent moniker of J.R (TERMFIX), making analog techno with muffled industrial edge. “CORRODE” is his first label affiliated release. Above the drums, the vast majority of sounds are made from oiled up, lubed up, mic’ed up latex rubber sheet (there is a collection of 303 lines and voice samples). Over the course of 24 hours this was manipulated and recorded in an attempt to immortalise a simple object that has so many aspects. Scattered throughout are also a few recordings of machinery from his workshop. He has recently begun to take knife making seriously, so while making a few blades has recorded the output of the grinders and saws. It was another way of adding personality without using his body directly.

This collection of songs also has two remixes by MILITARY POSITION and SYSTEM BODY. Both artists take the track “Vial” and turn it into their own mutant. MILITARY POSITION completely dominates the noise below while SYSTEM BODY takes “Vial” to another world entirely.


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