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Avilynn – Anaesthesia – TAI001 -12″


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A1_ Avilynn- Anaesthesia
A2_ Avilynn- Acacia
B1_ Avilynn- Delusional guy
B2_ Avilynn- Never Relax

Available 31.08.2020

Taisha: Record label conceptualized by Avilynn.

Converting clubbing, life experiences and thoughts into music.

Anaesthesia: A four track, vinyl only EP, that falls into an unspecified subgenre of techno with hypnotic and atmospheric influences, complete with a cinematic touch. Side A is slow and atmospheric, while side B is dancefloor oriented and focused on building ideas/themes using the track structure. The highlight of the EP is ”Never Relax”, which is a track inspired by the struggle of producing music in residential areas. 


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