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Ashburn County – Scenes Of Daily Life In The Rural South – CX#1 – LP



  1. A1 - Let’s Start The Auctions Ashburn-County 1:00
  2. A2 - Owls In Love Ashburn-County 1:02
  3. A3 - She Was Squeezing Her Head And Made A Strange Noise Ashburn-County 1:01
  4. A4 - Conversations At Midnight Ashburn-County 0:59
  5. A5 - Buy A Rifle, Man! Ashburn-County 1:02
  6. A6 - Threat – Sirens Call Ashburn-County 1:01
  7. A7 - Frogs In The Bayou Ashburn-County 1:00
  8. B1 - The Cajun Party Ashburn-County 0:59
  9. B2 - Psychological Turmoil Ashburn-County 1:06
  10. B3 - The Cause Of Our Fall Ashburn-County 1:01
  11. B4 - Mental Pain Ashburn-County 1:00
  12. B5 - Curse The Almighty Pray For Our Mercy Ashburn-County 1:01
  13. B6 - The Harmonica Woman Ashburn-County 1:00

(LP, edition of 150 copies, risograph printed artwork, 2 inserts)

Some years ago I got a cd-r from Ashburn County… a complete album… eerie, weird, mysterious… electronic but also with a lot of real instruments… something like Morricone on a dark trip or a soundtrack for Carnivale that was rejected because it was too strange… I instantly liked the music but it did not fit my label focus… still it does not… but recently I decided to start a series called “Cabaret Curioux” for all sorts of hard to define sounds I love so much and listen to a lot myself… and which never got a proper release on vinyl yet… So this Ashburn County LP is the first record in this series… a few of the tracks on this album were in the meantime released on an obscure cd but this LP is how the band intended their music to be heard…


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