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Anorexia – War Scenes – IOD032-



  1. Talk Trash War Scenes 1:30
  2. Hungry War Scenes 1:30
  3. Grunge War Scenes 1:30
  4. I've Been Here Be 4 War Scenes 1:30
‘Anorexia’, War Scenes’ second release for Instruments Of Discipline follows the vocabulary of ‘Unsystematic Schemes’ a grey goo of ASMR percussion oozes over driving 4/4 proto-techno, playing out like microscopic surgical devices performing operations on primitive parts of the cortex.

War Scenes a.k.a. Philipp Läufer is a prolific, Berlin-based artist, after starting the post-punk band Bleib Modern and his record label Black Verb, War Scenes became an outlet for his solo production.


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