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Alpha Tracks – White Keys Vol.2 – 33MOB14/2 – 12″



06 – Alpha Tracks – Elektra
07 – Alpha Tracks – The Flying Dutchman
08 – Alpha Tracks – Salome
09 – Alpha Tracks – L_amore Innocente
10 – Alpha Tracks – Street Scene

Available 30.03.2020

Part 2.

After delivering his highly acclaimed ‘Contract Labour’ EP on Blue Hour last year, Alpha Tracks returns to base with his debut solo album, ”White Keys”, on Morbid Records. Many amateur musicians and bedroom producers who have built dance music know that sticking to the white keys affords them the possibility
to create melodies without professional knowledge. In this context, the album title ”White Keys”, along with the release artwork of amateur piano models, lays in stark contrast to the track titles that steal their names from famous Opera. Benedikt, indicates a sense of humour here that highlights “monstrous and over-exaggerated arrangements” against “repetitive music, and the ‘bedroom producer’ mindset”. Despite these descriptions, Benedikt takes us on an immersive path, showing us how classic dance music genres translate into the present by transmitting a multidimensional investigatory experience with cinematic qua- lities and spanning a wide arc from the world of fast techno through to the otherworldly realms of ambient with masterful artistry. Few producers bring the mindfulness and vision like Benedikt does, this is evident across his already stacking output and well respected contribution to electronic music. His debut LP ”Whi- te Keys”, which will be released in two parts during February and March, is no exception.


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