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Adam X – Midnight Sun – BITE009 – 12″


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  1. Midnight Sun Adam X 1:30
  2. The Dead Of Dawn Adam X 1:30
  3. The Evacuation Adam X 1:30

Small re-press in RED…

For the next BITE release, techno legend Adam X makes a rare appearance outside his own seminal Sonic Groove Records with a new EP Midnight Sun, following up last year’s album Recon Mission. The NYC electronic music pioneer displays his singular approach to the dancefloor by combining old school, bass heavy grooves with forward-thinking cybernetic sound design. Throughout the EP, he lays out the concept of a dystopian timeline in which the Earth is knocked off orbit. Panic ensues as the earth moves closer towards the sun, annihilating all. 

The title track starts off in classic Adam X form with driving bass, vocal snippets, and New York style percussive rolls, but it gradually develops into new territory with psychedelic synth sequences and atmospheres that portray impending doom. “The Dead of Dawn” drops off with broken rhythms and bleep sequences before blasting off with huge siren samples. On the flip side, “The Evacuation” would fit perfectly at home in one of Adam’s Storm Raves in NYC from the 90s. Huge, propulsive kicks perfectly meld with 16th note basslines balanced by dubbed out hihats and melodies. The production is always heavy but never static, dense and powerful but always extremely clear and direct, tailored precisely for world class sound systems and clubs. Midnight Sun is another example of why he is credited as one of the godfathers to the current wave of hard and industrial-inspired techno.


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