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Frozen Border – Minutes In Ice – FBLP01 RP – DB12″


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  1. FBLP01 A1 Andrea Santoro & OL 47 Solid Smoke andrea santoro & ol 47 solid smoke 1:00
  2. FBLP01 A2 Buck Session002 buck session two 1:00
  3. FBLP01 B1 Skirt Collider HG Remix skirt collider hg remix 1:00
  4. FBLP01 B2 Mary Velo Detune mary velo detune 1:00
  5. FBLP01 C1 #4.26. Tharin #.4.26. Tharin 1:00
  6. FBLP01 C2 Szare Uprising Szare uprising 1:00
  7. FBLP01 D1 AnD In Just A Small Moment AnD in just a small moment 1:00
  8. FBLP01 D2 Tuesday's March 11 FBLP01 D2 Tuesday's March 1:00

First repress ever of a must-have compilation of classics: Frozen Border at its best!

Limited to 200 copies.




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