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30Drop – Superconductivity EP – 30D-004 – 12″


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  1. Transversal Sight 30drop 1:30
  2. History Of Gods 30drop 1:29
  3. 30drop-004_B1_History-Of-Gods_Sterac-REMIX 1:30
  4. Complex Entropy 30drop 1:30

Release Info:
30drop Records is pleased to announce the fourth release of its project, under the same name.
“History of Gods” is an EP that envelopes us in a rhythmic spiral, taking us straight to the dance floor of the space. Four amazing tracks: three originals and a remix by the historic technomaster Steve Rachmad, as Sterac.

The festive opening vibration of “Transversal Sight”, the schizoid cosmic rhythm of “History Of Gods”, from the prism of 30drop or based on the vision of Sterac, and the galactic depth of “Complex Entropy” all define a solid work that takes us to the very depths of sacred geometry.

Artist Info:
30drop reflects what we have learned experimenting about the theory of multiverses and the geometrical replication of our universe resulting in many others that work in a parallel fashion across several dimensions.

The project tries to channel all that by repeating sounds and textures of Techno music demonstrating once again that geometry is part of everything we do.
All this brings a different conclusion about ideas, theories and concepts surrounding the existence of life, parallel universes and the cosmic interconnection.

30drop is a project that claimed the concept of underground Techno leaving any intention of recognition and exaltation of the artist aside to give centricity to the music and the message that is intended to convey.


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