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25k MPH – INCOPEX – DK01 – LP


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  1. VSG-413 25K mph 1:30
  2. R90 25K mph 1:30
  3. ST2 25K mph 0:49
  4. C6.4 ACERT 25K mph 1:30
  5. R50/5 25K mph 1:30
  6. R5 25K mph 1:24
  7. CAT323D 25K mph 1:30
  8. 994 25K mph 1:30

Available 05.03.2018

“25k mph is a multi-part audio project which sets out to explore the evolution of the engine to reach earth’s escape velocity.

INCOPEX is the first installment of this project. It focuses on the sounds of the internal combustion engine.

Recorded in summer 2015 through live hardware sessions and mixed at Studio 141, East London.”


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