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“The Horizontal Ground/Frozen Border axis of imprints has provided some of the most consistently vital techno of 2009. Rumoured to be the work of a UK techno legend working incognito, the body of work has served to erase any notable signifiers of character in place of rugged, dry and skeletal rhythmic workouts, but fear-not, this is no MNML pap, it’s big-boned techno and house productions all the way. Horizontal Ground 02 is an absolute killer, from the dread-bass heave of the A-side’s technohouse construction, to the frequency plunging and uptempo sub-charge of the B-side, this is stuff made by an experienced figure who knows exactly what he wants to hear on a big soundsystem. For anyone into Marcel Dettmann, Regis or the EQ’d records this an absolute essential. Buy on sight!”


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